Klásek Trading s.r.o is the largest Czech pyrotechnics company and one of the largest suppliers of fun pyrotechnics in Europe. Our range comprises more than 1,500 items of all categories, i.e. F1, F2, F3, F4, T1 and T2. Our offer has thus clearly become the largest in all of Europe and we are really convinced that each customer will find exactly what he is looking for.



Since 1991, when we started supplying pyrotechnics to the shop networks in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, a lot of time has elapsed. Since then, the Klásek brand has undergone very dynamic development and profiled its sales range to the current form. Currently, the Klásek brand pyrotechnics are used by thousands of satisfied customers all over Europe.


The main objective of the Klásek brand is to achieve the best quality-price ratio, where the quality usually exceeds the usual standard in its price category. We place the biggest emphasis mainly on use of quality and clean compositions, functionality of the individual products, compliance with manufacturing procedures and careful outgoing inspection in China and incoming inspection upon import into the EU.


In our range, you will find a large number of products, which are the result of completely unique development by Klásek Trading s.r.o. The new ideas, technical solutions and innovations applied in our products respond to the wishes of our customers who in this way, together with us, create ever more advanced products.



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